Terms of business


The firm’s general practice is to charge on a time (hourly) basis.
We will offer you an estimation of fees and costs depending on the hiring services.
Note that in case of need of litigation, Spanish Procedural Acts establish a general rule of payments of legal costs to the defeated party.
All routine letters/ E-mails and telephone calls are deemed to be 15 minutes time units for the purposes of charging. Our charges are reviewed annually.
It may be necessary from time to time to pay other expenses. This may include; court fee, court deposits to motions and appeals, POA, search of documentation in public registers, payments to counsel, procurator fees, travel expenses, surveyor reports and similar.


Our firm reserves the right to request payment on account (retainer fee) where a matter is long-running or where significant cost will be incurred. When necessary, we would send you our letter of engagement before commencement of our legal services. All payments mode on account will be placed and deduced from our final note of fees and disbursements. Further payments may be requested as the matter progresses.


We sent out bills at monthly intervals, or when unbilled fees, disbursements and expenses exceed 600.-€, whichever is the sooner.
All our bills must be settled within 30 days unless agreed otherwise. We are entitle to add legal interest (euribor) + 2 to unpaid bills, commencing form the expiration of the 30 day payments period.
The firm reserves the right to cease to act, according to our Bar Association, and where appropriate, to withdraw from court records if:
– Unable to contact or keep feedback with client or loss of confidence or,
-Invoices are not settled within 30 days.
-Payments on account have been requested and funds have not been attended within 14 days.